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PVP Tournament: 1v1 "Best Champion!"

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Registration (you can register now)

  • The ONLY way to register via the forums. Copy/paste this format and reply via PM or in the thread, whatever you fill out will be public.
  • There is no fee to participate. It is a free shot at winning some cool prizes!
  • Must be a champion class

Character Name:
Guild: (optional)
Will you follow the rules?: (yes or no)

Tournament Rules Subject to changes as needed.

  1. Participants need to be ready 15~30 min before the tournament. 
  2. Bring your own character, champion class only
  3. Bring your own gear, any gear is allowed*
  4. All consumables are allowed, except for  buff scrolls (example: no Assumptio)
  5. Must stay in the designated area for the tournament, any issues with this will result in immediate disqualification
  6. No cheating, any issues with this will result in immediate disqualification along with reports to the GMs.
  7. Must be ok with being recorded

Tournament Format

  • Brackets will be randomly picked. Best of 3 per round in Single Elimination.

Tournament Prize:

  •  Semi-Final Winners
    - 10,000 Credits each
  • Final Winner
    - 10,000 Credit
    - Special Headgear (it will be posted soon).
    Bragging rights as "The best champion at CrazyPoring (Nov18)"


When will the tournament be?
Saturday November 24th, 2018. 8:00 PM server time.

How can I view the tournament?
Spectators will be allowed inside the tournament area.  Type @match > Watch Battle


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