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[ Special Quest ] Gangster Scarf

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Oh yeah! It's another Special Quest release. This is for all you gangster wannabes who want to make a Gangster Scarf. This quest isn't particularly difficult if it wasn't for some of the items needed which require effort to farm.  For guide visit http://crazyporing.com/?module=quest_db&action=10000 and look under Special Quest section.  Also, press ALT + U inside the game and check RECOMMENDED tab for other Special Quest.


Items Required

The items you'll need for this quest are the following:

  • 100 Torn Scroll (45% drop on Elder)
  • 1 Red Scarf (0.3% drop on Anolian or can be bought from pet gear NPC at prontera)
  • 50 Royal Jelly (42% drop on Violy/30% drop from Enchanted Peach Tree)
  • 10 Anodyne (3% drop on Galapago/Pest)
  • 5 Aloe (1.5% drop on Green Plant)
  • 1 Gangster Mask (0.09% drop on Zerom)
  • 200 Red Muffler (66.6% drop on Disguise)
  • 500,000 z

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