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Android APK v236 *RELEASED*

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Good News CrazyPoring,

Our ANDROID APK is now available for download.  "AndRO" is  a Ragnarok Client developed and owned by Chris Edisson. It only means that CrazyPoring does not have any administrative privilege including modification of source code  to fix any bugs on the said application.  On the event of issues found, CrazyPoring will ask the developer to fix and there is NO GUARANTEE that developer can fix immediately.  This application is ongoing development and MAY lack features ENJOYED by PC users.  Visit our download area to get this APK.

What AndRO does not support


  • Skill effects
  • Light objects
  • RSM animation
  • Critial display, sum of multiple attacks display
  • Warp effect
  • Falcon / Warg display
  • Casting circle animation
  • Other

  • Party booking
  • Mail/Rodex System
  • Achievement System
  • Pet Catching 


  • Sad 1

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