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Players Celebration

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Dear Players, thank you deciding to start your new journey with us at Crazy Poring.  It has encourage us to give our best support seing you staying and enjoying the game.. As part of our growth campaign, we again held the Player's Celebration event. What is it ? it's simply,  giving free credits as soon as we reach new players peak! you could see current players peak in Mileage NPC at Prontera.


100 Players Peak // 3.000 free credits.

200 Players Peak // 5.000 free credits.

300 Players Peak // 10.000 free credits.

400 Players Peak // 15.000 free credits.

500 Players Peak // 17.000 free credits.

Total worth $50!


notes :

  • This event will be closed once we reach our target peak players.
  • NPC will appear for 3 days to claim free credits for each peak, so make sure you login and claim it!
  • Credit Points is not transferrable.
  • Some subject may be changed without prior notice.

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