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GM Retir

Daily Repeatable Mission

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Mission #1 Hunting Mission

  • Kill 100x Thara Frog ( 100x White Light Potion )
    Thara Frog is spawned at beach_dun3 (50).

Mission #2 Collection Quest

  • Collect 100x Sticky Mucus ( 100x Blue Light Potion )
    While hunting Thara Frog above, kill also that Hydra as it drops sticky mucus (100%).

Mission #3 Collection Quest

  • Collect 10x Apple Juice ( 1x Kafra Card )
    If you have not done yet the juice making quest, visit here: Juice Making Quest

Mission #4 Access Quest

  • Talk to Quest NPC at Lutie  ( 2x Yggdrasil Seed)
    Look for the Sign Board just beside Kafra. Go back to Mission NPC at Prontera when done.

Mission #5 Collection Quest

  • Bring 1x Old Blue Box  ( NPC will double your Old Blue Box)
    While hunting those Thara Frog, kill also those Megalodon as it drops Old Blue Box at 0.20% if you got lucky.

Completion Reward

  • Upon completing the 5 missions, talk again to the Daily Mission NPC to collect your 1x Bubble Gum
  • 3% of EXP GAIN base on your level.  ***new 10/03/2018***


  1. All rewards are character bound.
  2. If you can't finish your mission by 12 midnight, you will start again from Mission#1.


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