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[ Event ] Post Your Screenshots [ENDED]

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Hello fellow brave adventures!

Thanks for staying tuned at CrazyPoring, just wait a little longer, your new adventures will begin soon! :th_e3:  While waiting, why don't you post your ingame screenshoot here? We will give nice exclusive costume for you! :th_e8:


How to join ?

Post you character screenshoot below, make sure your IGN is visible. we will deliver the reward every 3 days.

Reward : 1x Costume Wing Bragi Ears bragi.png

Notes :

  •  Exclusive reward will not be released again in the futures.
  •  This event will be closed once we reach our mileage 600 players.
  •  Costume are char bound. it can't be traded, vending, drop, or put into storage.



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Hi Here's my screenshot. Been waiting for the server to go up! Thanks! More Powerrrrr!


And I have a bit concern. For the second photo already downloaded the full version but why I am getting that? Thanks!



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