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  1. admin

    [ 2018 Christmas Event ]

    Complete 4 Task to earn STAT/SKILL RESET + Subject Aura. Mechanics: ✅ Activate and complete 1st task on Dec 5. ✅ Activate and complete 2nd task on Dec 10. ✅ Activate and complete 3nd task on Dec 15. ✅ Activate and complete 4nd task on Dec 20. ✅ Complete scheduled TASK within the day. Failure to complete the task will result to disqualification. ✅ Rewards can be claimed on Dec 20 as you complete the 4th task. All rewards are account bound. Related Headgear Quest ✴️ Ear Muffs - https://tinyurl.com/ycmxxaon ✴️ Candle - https://tinyurl.com/y7xx8s97 ✴️ Winter Hat - https://tinyurl.com/yal36e4y
  2. admin

    Acolyte skill heal and teleport cannot raised up

    You might be using that all in one ring. Unequip and retry.
  3. Registration (you can register now) The ONLY way to register via the forums. Copy/paste this format and reply via PM or in the thread, whatever you fill out will be public. There is no fee to participate. It is a free shot at winning some cool prizes! Must be a champion class Character Name: Guild: (optional) Will you follow the rules?: (yes or no) Tournament Rules Subject to changes as needed. Participants need to be ready 15~30 min before the tournament. Bring your own character, champion class only Bring your own gear, any gear is allowed* All consumables are allowed, except for buff scrolls (example: no Assumptio) Must stay in the designated area for the tournament, any issues with this will result in immediate disqualification No cheating, any issues with this will result in immediate disqualification along with reports to the GMs. Must be ok with being recorded Tournament Format Brackets will be randomly picked. Best of 3 per round in Single Elimination. Tournament Prize: Semi-Final Winners - 10,000 Credits each Final Winner - 10,000 Credit - Special Headgear (it will be posted soon). - Bragging rights as "The best champion at CrazyPoring (Nov18)" FAQ When will the tournament be? Saturday November 24th, 2018. 8:00 PM server time. How can I view the tournament? Spectators will be allowed inside the tournament area. Type @match > Watch Battle
  4. admin

    [ New Quest Guide ]

    Added 3 lovely headgear quest guide. Bride's Corolla Cat Paw Hairpin Recolored Cute Ribbons Visit our Headgear Quest Guide for the full list of available headgear.
  5. admin

    Cant Download Lite or Full Client --_--

    please retry @jholangcap
  6. It's now here!!! Yet another great release from our SPECIAL QUEST collection. This quest is simple and easy to accomplish. :D For detailed guide visit our Quest Headgear Guide section at our website. Enjoy the game everyone and don't forget to write us RMS REVIEW. <-- PLEASE CLICK and WRITE something for the server.
  7. [ Special Headgear Quest ] The Note Headphone Quest is now available. MDEF +3, 10% Resistance on Stun/Frozen Find Marina at prontera,124,126 to start the quest. Other NPC Location: ✅ Peter - comodo,92,265 ✅ Leonid - moscovia,264,207 ✅ Pile of Leaves - amatsu,260,181 (hidden) ✅ snow - ice_dun01,12,234 (hidden) ✅ Mud - moscovia,223,87 (hidden) https://crazyporing.com/?module=quest_db&amp;action=5151
  8. admin

    [ What's New At CrazyPoring ]

    02 Nov ✅ Ended Halloween Event ✅ Revised Daily Attendance Reward. Use @attendance to check. ✅ Updated Daily Mission ✅ Added Dark Binder (Rental) at Online Points Shop ✅ Ended Donation Halloween Bonus
  9. You will need to go to your email inbox and find verification email. Click the link and you shall be fine.
  10. For your information, here is the table of homunculus feeding and its effect Hungry Level | Intimacy Effect 91% - 100% | -50 intimacy 76% - 90% | -5 intimacy 26% - 75% | +75 intimacy 11% - 25% | +100 intimacy 1% - 10% | +10 intimacy It will only means, if you feed your homunculi with 91% up hungry . You will lose 50% of its intimacy. What is the good new? At default, Auto Feeding is activated, your homunculi will be feed when hungry level is at 29% (+75 intimacy). So its very safe to do so.
  11. For pet enthusiast, worry not of losing your pet Auto Feeding is now active. Auto feed is triggered when hungry level is below 26%. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PET'S FOOD in your inventory ALL THE TIME. How to Activate: (PC Users Only.) Right click on your pet. Select "Check Pet Status" Click "Command" Select "Automatic Feeding" It is a toggle ON/OFF so, you only need to this 1 time and you will be notified by a message. FOR MOBILE USERS: Unfortunately access to activating the auto feed is not available (I hope Andro will support it soon). What you can do is USE A PC and ACTIVATE. You can then use your mobile without worrying of your pet.
  12. This thread will be update regularly to reflect any changes done at the server. 02 Nov ✅ Ended Halloween Event ✅ Revised Daily Attendance Reward. Use @attendance to check. ✅ Updated Daily Mission ✅ Added Dark Binder (Rental) at Online Points Shop ✅ Ended Donation Halloween Bonus 26 Oct ✅ Added possibility to AUTO FEE PET. Just right click to check pet status then chose Automatic Pet Feeding in the command menu. Make sure you have it's pet food in your inventory. - - - - 25 Oct ✅ Started Facebook Tag & Share Event (Season 1) - - - - 24 Oct ✅ Fixed Academy Freshman Hat stats. ✅ Restored missing Kafra Teleport Services. - - - - 23 Oct ✅ Restarted the server to fixe Mobile Client not able to connect to game. - - - - 22 Oct ✅ Server restart and update. ✅ Added PvP Access via Warper ✅ Fixed PvP Izlude Map ✅ Added Top PvP and MvP Ranking ✅ Added Instance Access via Warper ✅ Added Field Manual/Bubble Gum at Cash Shop ✅ Added Academy Freshman Hat, +10 LvL 3 Weapon and 5x Field Manual to Tier#1. Old players may need to talk again to NPC to claim. ✅ Added Automatic Database Backup every 3 hours. - - - - 20 Oct ✅ Added Halloween bundles for donations. ✅ Fixed Antique Smoking Pipe sprite issue. ✅ [ Halloween Event ] Kicking that coffin at Prontera will now warp you to Niflheim. - - - - 18 Oct ✅ Added Halloween Event - - - - 17 Oct ✅ Added Bank Services to Kafra for mobile users. - - - - 16 Oct ✅ Added Light Blue Potion Box (25) at Online Points Shop. - - - - 15 Oct ✅ Fixed Referral System where referral data is not updated. ✅ Added BCA & GCASH donation option. Visit donation page for info. ✅ Removed Weight Checking during Rebirth. - - - - 14 Oct ✅ Daily Mission Reward is now set to Char Bound. ✅ Fixed Hint#3 NPC location on Pirate Dagger Quest. ✅ Retry claiming Mileage Reward Tier 2. It should be fixed. - - - - 13 Oct ✅ Added Special Headgear Quest (Gangster Scarf) - - - - 12 Oct ✅ Added Referral System. Use @referral for more information. use @recruit to search for party. Its now fixed. - - - - 11 Oct ✅ Fixed Mob Skills that cause client to freeze. ✅ Fixed Attendance Day#2 giving White instead of Blue Pots - - - - 10 Oct ✅ Added Android Client ✅ Fixed navigation system. ✅ Attendance Reward has been updated. Use @attendance to check. - - - - 9 Oct ✅ Added Special Headgear Quest (Decorative Geographer) ✅ Check another cool HG at Online Points Shop - - - - 8 October ✅ Added 1st and 2nd Job Changer at Prontera Central Office. For rebirth, you need to do the normal quest. ✅ Added Online Time. Earn 1 Point every 1 hour of staying online. Purchase cool stuffs at Online Shop. @autotrade merchants will not earn any points. ✅ Fixed Pirate Dagger Quest. ✅ Website maintenance is complete. - - - ✅ Join our Forum Event and earn credits and special headgears ✅ Help us reach our target online peak and earn credits. Visit forum for details. ✅ 3 Days Buff is extended. If you run out of buff service, just talk again to the Mileage NPC at Prontera ✅ @autotrade is now available. ✅ Fixed Peco Peco Headband walking speed bonus. ✅ You can now use @recruit to announce that you are looking for party. - - - 07 Oct ✅ Daily Attendance System has been activated. Click button below your status bar to claim daily reward. ✅ We have 2 Special Quest available. Press ALT + U and click recommended. We will be adding more periodically, so watch out!!! ✅ Global Trading System is UP. Use @sell or @buy ✅ Added Daily Repeatable Quest. Complete 5 missions to get 1x Bubble Gum and 3% Base EXP. Visit Daily Quest NPC at the Central Office at Prontera.
  13. admin

    [Bug] Boiling Pot

    Knock at the Coffin first, then go near the boiling pot.
  14. admin

    [Bug] Error Yoyo Pvp all town

    Thanks @bakenyan its now fixed. The only problem in PvP now is the Izlude map as it spawn player sometimes in water or location that is not supposed to be accessible. We will fix Izlude after maintenance on Monday.