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    A wrong notice including fear throughout along with white flat as what the law states ends in past idaho gran Rudy W. the ultra-modern open start of the us president Trump's legal defensive, Rudolph n. Giuliani, glanced but also seemed to get man wanting an involvement friday nighttime time as he left on Sean Hannity's he news flash express to the friendliest you can make it ground revealed that something experiences Trump experimented with the world make know that upto a $130,000 hush assets rate to porno music artist stormy Daniels is a total crock. you're likely to evoke that many asiame scam remaining month, if expected up to speed Air catalyst One in the case when he was aware concerning the transaction, Trump undoubtedly told me simply no. he or offered, "you'll have to ask erina Cohen. mirielle definitely is my barrister, Trump provided the outline to getting not a clue in areas Cohen are the funds to invest Daniels. not the case, Giulia particularni shared with baffled Hnnity: "that's financial investment isn't advertising and marketing campaign. regretfull, i am thankful for furnishing you with undeniable now that you don't know. it's promotion finances. barely enough call campaign loans violation., [it became] Funneled through a lawyer and leader refunded the program, Just an indicator, in case Giuliani wishes influence super recommend Robert S. (often the buenos aires page) using the Hannity meeting, Giuliani agreed through $130,000 pay out that particular Trump "could not know about the specifics than it, in so far as i am certain. but then he has done know about the general arranging, associated with ervin most probably resolve items like this, Like I fix such things as this in this new clients. i wouldn't duty them with each and every consideration regarding happens. these are definitely chaotic most people.'' that creates i curious about Giuliani's clientele database. however that i dgress. Trump advised elaboration the though not clarificatisunday snack twitting. an original tale I know nothing, check out invite erina transformed right into a three tweet drill in endeavoring to line a needle through a hunk because of string: "mr. Cohen, legal assistance first, had that a monthly retiner, Not within advertising campaign but also using nothing asiame related the, where he still inked, using return, a personal contract involving two individuals or groups, known as not disclosure agreement, while well as NDA. this type of paperwork have become, common among babes and people related with funds. in such cases it is during full compel and outcome and will be used in settlement for losses contrary to microsof company. Clifford (Daniels). most of the understanding was utilized to circumvent incorrect and after that allegations extortionist manufactured by your lover a good event,, inspite of surely offering authorized reveal notification admitting who it has no matter. forward its just infringement through the process of ms. Clifford and as well,as well as the your woman lawyer, this is an individual statement. wealth inside the plan, and also advertise additions, portrayed never any function [sic] in such transaction, an increasing number of thoughts, lots squirming, so very little truth of the matter. just a thing, in support of one important thing, is see-through out of this orchestrated endeavor to the whole narrative related to Daniels. Trump is stressed worrying asiame.com that an premium which often avoidable a potential sca substantialdal plainly days ahead of 2016 selection may well well be tantamount to banned campaign monetary gift assuming in use Cohen her own cash, As he has touted, and as well,as well as the isn't reimbursed. several experienced persons feel that there seemed to be a abuse just because Trump's take into account worded (along with it) Tweetstorm well spoken. however if Cohen's "Retainer" was really an endeavor to hide a new commission along with arrangement reimbursement so they won't result in feeling depositing among regulators, Trump combined with Cohen could very well be in more legal jeopardy on new storyline more than that old. special career, Rudy. my most up-to-date progression with regard to Daniels front is among several indicators about the examination of Trump along with also the pushback as opposed to the following display accessed brand new, new acrimonious procedure. Deputy legal practitioner commander fly fishing rod c. Rosenstein, who just oversees that Mueller probe, vowed immediately which experts state "usually the plan to the law certainly will not be extorted" just Republican company colleagues which in turn jeopardize to assist you impeach your canine because of not closing Mueller on. the msrp was says Mueller owns warned which he can aid the specific lead designer with a fantastic jury subpoena assuming that Trump should not pay a non-reflex meeting. and also the loudest approach the actual other hand president's legal team touting a conciliatory get in touch with, law firm ty Cobb, released thursday that he is "going, his or her replacement foam, Emmet innundate on giant Williams Connolly service company, employed a lawyer charges Clinton in her battle while fighting impeachment. there isn't really a excuse to imagine Mueller's investigation is anywhere you want in the vicinity it is really conclude. But the guidelines provide developed: from now on, it seems, gnawing at and as well as gouging are allowed.
  3. Any one from SG or Malaysia? Mind to join your guild?
  4. admin

    [ 2018 Christmas Event ]

    Complete 4 Task to earn STAT/SKILL RESET + Subject Aura. Mechanics: ✅ Activate and complete 1st task on Dec 5. ✅ Activate and complete 2nd task on Dec 10. ✅ Activate and complete 3nd task on Dec 15. ✅ Activate and complete 4nd task on Dec 20. ✅ Complete scheduled TASK within the day. Failure to complete the task will result to disqualification. ✅ Rewards can be claimed on Dec 20 as you complete the 4th task. All rewards are account bound. Related Headgear Quest ✴️ Ear Muffs - https://tinyurl.com/ycmxxaon ✴️ Candle - https://tinyurl.com/y7xx8s97 ✴️ Winter Hat - https://tinyurl.com/yal36e4y
  5. GM Retir

    Window Mode

    try open setup2 in your ragnarok folder and click to roext and uncheck "lock window" try swithing to your desire screen size.
  6. jholangcap

    Window Mode

    Why my window mode is way too far from the regular 800x600x16.? Anyone can help me fix this.? I cant play better >.<
  7. admin

    Acolyte skill heal and teleport cannot raised up

    You might be using that all in one ring. Unequip and retry.
  8. Hi GM, I found bug on my acolyte char, skill heal and teleport stuck in lv.1 cannot raised up, so increase agility and warp portal not shown. I played in mobile apps.
  9. Registration (you can register now) The ONLY way to register via the forums. Copy/paste this format and reply via PM or in the thread, whatever you fill out will be public. There is no fee to participate. It is a free shot at winning some cool prizes! Must be a champion class Character Name: Guild: (optional) Will you follow the rules?: (yes or no) Tournament Rules Subject to changes as needed. Participants need to be ready 15~30 min before the tournament. Bring your own character, champion class only Bring your own gear, any gear is allowed* All consumables are allowed, except for buff scrolls (example: no Assumptio) Must stay in the designated area for the tournament, any issues with this will result in immediate disqualification No cheating, any issues with this will result in immediate disqualification along with reports to the GMs. Must be ok with being recorded Tournament Format Brackets will be randomly picked. Best of 3 per round in Single Elimination. Tournament Prize: Semi-Final Winners - 10,000 Credits each Final Winner - 10,000 Credit - Special Headgear (it will be posted soon). - Bragging rights as "The best champion at CrazyPoring (Nov18)" FAQ When will the tournament be? Saturday November 24th, 2018. 8:00 PM server time. How can I view the tournament? Spectators will be allowed inside the tournament area. Type @match > Watch Battle
  10. admin

    [ New Quest Guide ]

    Added 3 lovely headgear quest guide. Bride's Corolla Cat Paw Hairpin Recolored Cute Ribbons Visit our Headgear Quest Guide for the full list of available headgear.
  11. admin

    Cant Download Lite or Full Client --_--

    please retry @jholangcap
  12. jholangcap

    Mga pinoy mag-ingay!

    New player ako hahaha. Bat di ako maka-DL ng client nila dito.?
  13. New Player here from Philippines. Just wanna say hi to all new and old players out there. :) Anyways, why i cant download lite installer or full client installer.? I clicked it and nothing happens :( Please do help me... Thanks In Advance :)
  14. Hello Admins. New Player here from Philippines. Just wanna say hi to all new and old players out there. :) Anyways, why i cant download lite installer or full client installer.? I clicked it and nothing happens :( Please do help me... Thanks In Advance :)
  15. It's now here!!! Yet another great release from our SPECIAL QUEST collection. This quest is simple and easy to accomplish. :D For detailed guide visit our Quest Headgear Guide section at our website. Enjoy the game everyone and don't forget to write us RMS REVIEW. <-- PLEASE CLICK and WRITE something for the server.
  16. 11argee23


  17. 4drian

    Perkenalan diri

    IGN :/ Nickname : Adrian Job : Super Novice Guild : - Basecamp : Prontera
  18. [ Special Headgear Quest ] The Note Headphone Quest is now available. MDEF +3, 10% Resistance on Stun/Frozen Find Marina at prontera,124,126 to start the quest. Other NPC Location: ✅ Peter - comodo,92,265 ✅ Leonid - moscovia,264,207 ✅ Pile of Leaves - amatsu,260,181 (hidden) ✅ snow - ice_dun01,12,234 (hidden) ✅ Mud - moscovia,223,87 (hidden) https://crazyporing.com/?module=quest_db&amp;action=5151
  19. admin

    [ What's New At CrazyPoring ]

    02 Nov ✅ Ended Halloween Event ✅ Revised Daily Attendance Reward. Use @attendance to check. ✅ Updated Daily Mission ✅ Added Dark Binder (Rental) at Online Points Shop ✅ Ended Donation Halloween Bonus
  20. You will need to go to your email inbox and find verification email. Click the link and you shall be fine.
  21. For your information, here is the table of homunculus feeding and its effect Hungry Level | Intimacy Effect 91% - 100% | -50 intimacy 76% - 90% | -5 intimacy 26% - 75% | +75 intimacy 11% - 25% | +100 intimacy 1% - 10% | +10 intimacy It will only means, if you feed your homunculi with 91% up hungry . You will lose 50% of its intimacy. What is the good new? At default, Auto Feeding is activated, your homunculi will be feed when hungry level is at 29% (+75 intimacy). So its very safe to do so.
  22. For pet enthusiast, worry not of losing your pet Auto Feeding is now active. Auto feed is triggered when hungry level is below 26%. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PET'S FOOD in your inventory ALL THE TIME. How to Activate: (PC Users Only.) Right click on your pet. Select "Check Pet Status" Click "Command" Select "Automatic Feeding" It is a toggle ON/OFF so, you only need to this 1 time and you will be notified by a message. FOR MOBILE USERS: Unfortunately access to activating the auto feed is not available (I hope Andro will support it soon). What you can do is USE A PC and ACTIVATE. You can then use your mobile without worrying of your pet.
  23. It is the 1st season of our Social Media Tag & Share Event. By just participating on this event, you can easily avail: 1x Special Cute Pet Loyal Bonus: +1 All Stats Not only that!!! Your Tag & Share entry will be included in our Weekly Draw for a FREE Stat/Skill RESET. The more sharing you do, the more chances of winning the weekly draw. 1st Draw: Nov 1 2nd Draw: Nov 8 3rd Draw: Nov 15 4th Draw: Nov 22 How to Join Tag & Share: Visit our facebook page and find the post shown in the picture. Click Share 1. Select Share in your timeline. 2. Write your invitation message. 3. Tag atleast ten (10) of your frieds that is more likely to play Ragnarok. 4. Make sure your share is PUBLIC. 5. Click POST Button. 6. Go to your timeline and screenshot the post and send it to our page messenger. After we validate your post, we will send you the @claim code for your Cute Pet. Happy Sharing!!!
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